New Smartflow Couplings Innovations Undergo Rigorous National Tests

Smartflow’s 2 inch couplings have been undergoing rigorous testing at the TUV National Engineering Laboratory, with hundreds of thousands of litres of oil transferred and hundreds of connections and disconnections made in a single week.

Flow rates and pressure drops have been logged and analysed with the full test report expected next month.

Initial data reveals that flow rates of up to 17 litres per second have been achieved with kerosene at 20 degrees C. Three different materials were put through their paces: Stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminium.

The high flow rates achieved show that although flow will often be reduced by installing a ‘dry break’ system like Smartflow’s, it will hopefully be acceptable in a lot of critical applications.  These products improve cost efficiency by speeding up the connection process on fluid transfer systems as well as eliminating spills.

We are eagerly awaiting the full report and technical data from these trials to support our own projections in relation to performance and durability. This information will bring credibility and certainty for customers and partners around the world who have already indicated a need for these products. 

With interest levels high, we are already preparing for demand by building up stock at our Scunthorpe manufacturing facility.  We have built up extensive supplies of our 2” couplings which are now available for sale.

We look forward to sharing the full test results with you next month.

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