Supporting the NHS and Keyworkers

Our engineering manager Steve has been helping Great Grimsby 3D Printing for NHS and Keyworkers in their efforts to make hundreds of visors for the NHS and local care workers during the coronavirus crisis.

Steve has been providing essential parts for the visors from his 3D printer.

At the start of this week the group of volunteers sent out an incredible 500 visors to the NHS and another 200 to NELC for use by care workers. A fantastic community effort.

Local people have been dropping off headbands and other parts for the visors which are being assembled in a unit which has been donated rent free for the purpose.

Steve said the project was filling a gap caused by procurement and supply issues at a time when our health workers and carers are risking their lives to save others.

Thanks to the generosity of the local community and the time and expertise that is being volunteered, visors are being regularly shipped out to where they’re needed most, including 100 which were collected for use at Castle Hill Hospital in Hull this week to keep their staff protected.

We’ve been fascinated to learn about this project and Smartflow will be providing filament to help keep Steve’s 3D printing machine at full capacity.

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